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About NLP Courses

There are many NLP training courses around where you can get your NLP Certificate in 2, 5 or 7 days.

While you may will get a certificate, the difference in skill levels between people who do short courses and a more comprehensive training is huge. nlpaustralia offers comprehensive NLP courses from 2 to 35 days.

NLP Courses




They range from 2 day business specific application courses, such as negotiations, selling or presenting to a fully comprehensive 35 day NLP Training such as “The Advanced Graduate Certificate in NLP course”.

Terrence McClendon the chief trainer has been teaching NLP and its uses for over 30 years. He has worked in just about every business industry and in many countries and cultures around the world.

Terry has applied his knowledge and experience of NLP and the requirements of what skills and techniques that you need to be successful in applying NLP in business, education and counseling/coaching.

Good NLP training is like anything else, you get out of it what you put in to it.

What should you look for when choosing and NLP Trainer?

You want someone who doesn’t just profess to be the best, you want choose someone who can make YOU one of the best!

Terry has trained some of the current NLP Trainers in Australia and assisted them in setting themselves up in their NLP training business.

Good training and practice supervised by an expert is what makes the difference between having knowledge and having real ability.

Terry is simply a meticulous trainer who is passionate about NLP. He was one of the pioneers and has a great deal of integrity when it comes to keeping NLP Pure.

Should My Trainers Support Me After Finishing My Training?

This is completely up to the discretion of your trainer.

At NLP Australia any of our students can call to ask for advice with clients, strategies for marketing their business, and general questions about their NLP skills.

Having support after you have finished your NLP or Hypnosis training will give you a sense of reassurance and comfort when you begin to use your new skills in your life or business.


NLP Australia’s NLP & Hypnosis Courses

Advanced Graduate Certificate in NLP

Next NLP “AGC” In Adelaide 2023

NLP Practitioner September 30th 2023 (Module 1)
Master Practitioner advanced skills December 2nd 2023 (Module 2)
Ericksonian Hypnosis  August 26th 2023 (Module 3)

This course combines the NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Ericksonian Hypnosis.
While you can still do these courses individually, if you are looking to be a master of NLP & Hypnosis this is the course for you.

The Advanced Graduate Certificate is designed to take you on a life changing journey and give you the skills to be a true master of communication and Influence.

Your Advanced Graduate Certificate training will put you in the top 5% of Master NLP Practitioners in your country. The patterns and techniques you will learn in the Advanced Graduate Certificate are Pure and give you the MOST comprehensive NLP and hypnosis skills for therapeutic, business and personal uses.

In your Advanced Graduate Certificate you will also get additional out-of-class work exercises and a State of the Art behavior modeling project.

It is a practical and comprehensive training program for those people who want advanced NLP skills for application in areas such as Counseling/Coaching, Education, Sports and Business.

On successful completion of this course you will receive the coveted Gold Seal of The International Association of NLP (IALNP).

The uniqueness of this training is derived from its trainer, Terrence McClendon , whose comprehensive understanding of NLP spans 30 years and his experience encompasses many cultures, countries and working environments.

The course’s strengths are in teaching the micro skills that make a difference to achieving success. On completion of this training, you will benefit by your ability to:

  • Set and achieve goals with heightened creativity, motivation and charisma.
  • Better handle situations by using a wide range of internal behavioral resources.

…See below for the details about each part of the Advanced Graduate Certificate.

NLP Practitioner Training

In this course you will learn to:

  • Maximise your results by setting powerful effective goals as you generate commitment and accelerate your progress
  • Create lasting trust and rapport with family, clients and colleagues
  • Communicate in ways that others find compelling and easy to understand
  • Rapidly achieve win-win solutions for excellent negotiations by keeping both parties in a highly creative frame of mind
  • Close your sales on the spot using three simple language patterns
  • Change your unwanted beliefs

Your new skills can be applied in both your personal and professional life.

Professional applications include:

Management. Learn to:

  • Utilise your team’s strength and redirect weaknesses into productive work behaviours
  • Enhance teamwork and develop harmonious work environments

Counselling. Learn to:

  • Quickly achieve long lasting and impactful behavioural change

Education. Learn to:

  • Accelerate student learning by presenting material in a stimulating and comprehensive way

Sports. Learn to:

  • Create compelling and empowering sports performances

Personal applications include:

Goal achievement. Learn to:

  • Change unwanted beliefs
  • Overcome fears
  • Change personal history

Improved quality of relationships. Learn to:

  • Communicate better, armed with the knowledge and skills of the components of communication
  • Articulate what you want and negotiate a successful outcome

NLP Master Practitioner Training

In this course you will learn:

  • Modelling skills: skillfully model any behaviour and replicate and transfer the model to others
  • Creativity modeling: Identify and harness the creativity an individual or team for the purpose of idea and product development
  • Advanced communication skills: Communicate more effectively by identifying and employing other people’s values and beliefs to assist in motivation, decision making, learning, time management and team building.
  • Generative intervention techniques: Identify and produce generative solutions for dysfunctional behaviours, beliefs and attitudes
  • Self empowerment and self esteem: Increase your behavioural flexibility to effectively handle most situations and people

Your new skills can be applied in both your personal and professional life.

Professional applications include:

Management and business skills. Learn to:

  • Develop and apply creative solutions to selling, negotiation and customer service challenges
  • Develop and encourage creative thinking processes for product development, business problem solving
  • Develop successful performance models

Counselling. Learn to:

  • Be generative
  • Design your own techniques and behavioural models

Education. Learn to:

  • Identify barriers to learning and develop solutions
  • Recognize different learning styles and adapt presentations to these

Sports. Learn to:

  • model excellent performances

Personal applications include:

Goal achievement.Learn to:

  • develop more creativity in getting the goals you want
  • be more flexible in attaining your goals

Improved quality of relationships. Learn to:

  • better understand personal values
  • recognise the prominent personality characteristics of others and how to best interact with these

Ericksonian Hypnosis

This course teaches the techniques developed by Dr Milton Erickson. Dr Erickson, a psychiatrist, observed the behaviours and motivations of his patients over time. He then analysed these observations and identified patterns of positive achievements and subsequently developed his suite of success hypnosis techniques.

Why you should do this course with nlpaustralia:

  • Terry McClendon is the only Australian to have trained directly with Dr Milton Erickson. Terry’s skills and knowledge have not been diluted by interpretation through others.
  • To benefit from the extensive experience of Terry McClendon, a psychologist, who respects the power of the hypnosis and creates a safe teaching environment
  • To gain powerful communication tools to use in everyday life
  • To experience a creative learning environment designed to maximise your enjoyment and the acquisition of new skills and techniques
  • This course is a journey of personal discovery where the wealth of your personal unconscious resources are accessed to assist you in learning
  • nlpaustralia course is very practical with many opportunities to practice all the techniques taught

In this course you will learn:

  • How to communicate on the unconscious level: You will learn a variety of language patterns to effectively induce hypnosis
  • Counselling tools: Training in applying hypnosis to make generative and remedial changes
  • Inductions: Training in accessing the unconscious mind by using up to 9 different induction techniques.
  • Unconscious mind phenomena: Training in accessing and using phenomena such as positive and negative hallucination, time distortion, age regression and amnesia
  • Metaphor: Design and used metaphors to facilitate communication at the unconscious level.

Use your new skills in business, counselling, teaching, personal goal achievement, personal relationships to :

  • Impact the quality of negotiations, selling, teaching, counselling and communications by employing successful language patterns
  • Make positive generative and remedial changes to assist your clients in counselling and teaching and improve their success strategies.
  • Bypass resistance from clients, negotiating partners and in personal interactions
  • Be creative and resourceful through the use of your personal history to achieve goals
  • Accelerate student learning by communicating at the unconscious level
  • Tap your hidden resources and model excellence at the unconscious level