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(Advanced Graduate Certificate in NLP)


Advanced Graduate Certificate in NLP

This training program combines nlpaustralia’s NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Ericksonian Hypnosis Training plus additional out-of-class work exercises and a ‘State of the Art’ behavior modelling project. Upon completion and combined with nlp.australia’s Trainer Training, you can apply to become an Accredited National Health Care Provider. with the Australian Hypnotherapy Associations (AHA), This course is a practical and comprehensive training program for those people who want advanced NLP skills for application in areas such as Counselling/Coaching, Education, Sports, and Business.

This training is a prerequisite for becoming an NLP Trainer. On successful completion of this course, you will receive the coveted Advanced Graduate Certificate in NLP Gold Seal of The International Association of NLP (IALNP).

The uniqueness of this training is derived from its trainer, Terrence McClendon, whose comprehensive understanding of NLP spans 30 years and his experience encompasses many cultures, countries, and working environments. The course’s strengths are in teaching the micro-skills that make a difference in achieving success .

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On completion of this training, you will benefit by your ability to:

  • Set and achieve goals with heightened creativity, motivation and sparkle
  • Better handle situations by using a wide range of internal behavioral resources.

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) model teaches the skills required to achieve
unparalleled success in most human interactions. NLP is essentially the study of the
structure of “excellence” i.e. how people become successful at things.

Key strengths of NLP

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) model teaches the skills required to achieve unparalleled success in most human interactions. NLP is essentially the study of the structure of “excellence” i.e. how people become successful at things. This success encompasses the setting and the achievement of goals.


NLP emerged in the early 1970’s as a powerful and effective tool with applications to counselling, education, sports and business communication. Drs Richard Bandler and John Grinder formulated the NLP model after many years of observing and listening to people who seemed to have a natural talent for effective communication. They concluded that these peoples’ strengths lay not in what they said (content) but how they said it (process). Terrence McClendon was trained in NLP by Drs Bandler and Grinder.

The foundations of NLP assume that excellence in performance can be modelled and transferred from one person to another. The elements of an excellent performance can be broken down into its constituent parts, for example, excellent communication is a function of what is said (the words), how it is said (the tone, tempo, volume) and well as body language.

The NLP model functions at the level of what is happening with an individual’s perception of the world i.e. how an individual experiences an interaction and makes sense of that interaction. Because NLP examines the process of experience rather than the content, it is referred to as the “Study of Subjective Experience“.

Why do this nlpaustralia training?

Advanced Graduate Certificate in NLP is for persons who have a comprehensive interest in NLP. If you are intending on using to NLP professionally and or want to be an NLP Trainer this training is a pre requisite. It will provide you with skills to build sparkle into your life. You will have better relationships, you will be more interested and motivated in day to day activities, have better parenting skills and learning strategies and have the resources to achieve your hope wants and dreams.

Being a good communicator is a skill that pays dividends in many circumstances. Good communication lubricates social situations, creates win-win outcomes, improves empathy and maximizes the impact of presentations and training.

Personal and professional achievements can be achieved more directly and quickly through the setting of appropriate, relevant and attainable goals. The most valuable goals are those that are creatively conceived, executed with motivation and enthusiasm and result in high levels of satisfaction. Being flexible opens many doors and allows one to explore unexpected avenues in careers, lifestyles or business opportunities.

What sets nlpaustralia‘s training apart from others?

The quality and experience of nlpaustralia‘s Managing Director Layla Ibrahim is unique in Australia.


  • Layla is an NLP Trainer has  Masters degree in Business Health
  • Trained with the founder of NLP in Australia Terrence McClendon MA.
  • Has Good experience in the field of professional and personal development applying NLP
  • Travelled the world teaching NLP across many cultures and religions
  • Worked in many major Health care organizations in Australia and overseas
  • Has Post Graduate certificate in Health Informatics and Bachelor of Nursing
  • Speaks English, Arabic, and French.
  • Is Reiki teacher and practitioner.
  • And is a Psych-k® facilitator
  • Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association #no(PM2021869)


Who will benefit from nlpaustralia‘s Master Practitioner Training course?

Everyone can enhance their life skills through completion of this course. Some specific roles where benefits are immediate and can be applied directly include:

  • Team Leaders
  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Project Managers
  • Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Mediators
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Counselors
  • Educators
  • Parents


About nlpaustralia

Nlpaustralia is the first and most established NLP training organization in Australia. Initially called ‘The Australian Institute of NLP’ (AINLP), the company was established in 1981. AINLP eventually became the first national and federally registered NLP membership body.

The founder of nlpaustralia, Terrence McClendon, is the only Master Trainer in Australia endorsed by the IANLP. He originally studied with the co-founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, at the University of California, Santa Cruz and is the only Australian NLP Trainer to have trained with the originators of NLP during its inception in the 1970’s. His experience both locally and internationally is unmatched.

Nlpaustralia conducts specialty training programs both nationally and internationally. In the past 10 years, nlpaustralia has conducted NLP training courses in the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, the Netherlands, and Austria as well as Australia and has provided consultancy and training to a number of Australian-based organizations. The course materials used and the training conducted by nlpaustralia satisfies the standards of the International Association of NLP (IANLP).

Our Advanced Graduate Certificate in NLP is recognised by the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA) 

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