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• Presentation and Training skills Course
• Learn the QUALITY TOOLS needed for EXCELLENT presentations

Trainer: Terry McClendon, Chief trainer, nlpaustralia – NLP Training Australia


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What image does your company present in your community? Your company image is influenced by your branding, your products or services, your reputation and by the quality of your employees. If you have employees who represent your company at client meetings, industry associations, conferences etc. you want to know that your representatives will make a positive impact on your clients, customers, associates or peers. This course will teach the skills required to make that positive impact.

Does your work entail training others?

If so, this course will teach you how to maximize the impact of your training.

Trainers need to maintain audience attention for long periods of time.
Having the appropriate repertoire of skills can mean the difference between a mediocre trainer and a great trainer.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Establish and maintain rapport with an audience of 2 to 2000
  • Choreograph your movements to maximize delivery of information
  • Utilize your best props – voice, tone and tempo, gestures and language – to…
  • Maximize audience comprehension
  • Access and maintain confidence for ease in presenting and control audience participation by the flow and delivery of your presentation
  • Overcome objections while keeping the flow of your presentation
  • Speak to different learning styles with ease
  • Use stories as learning tools
  • Deliver resonate instructions that compel people to act

This course is based on the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) communications model and it is a comprehensive and practical two-day workshop that will provide quality tools to maximize your impact when presenting or training. You will deliver your message with increased confidence and will create a positive impression with your audience with NLP Training Australia.

This program will cover:

  • How people process information
  • The impact of your voice and gestures in conveying your message
  • Use of different techniques to deliver your message
  • How to pace your presentation for maximum impact
  • Using voice tone to convey different grammatical structures
  • How to speak to the audience’s unconscious mind


  • This course will teach you new skills and improve your performance if you…
  • Present findings and reports to clients
  • Represent your company at conferences and industry meetings
  • Do sales presentations
  • Formally train people
  • Want to improve your public speaking skills


A presentation is a high-impact opportunity to display an organisation’s services. An organisation’s image is impacted by the quality of the employees who are representing it. An excellent presentation can make a difference in securing a sale, getting repeat business, establishing credibility both within the organisation and externally and maximizing promotional opportunities.

Trainers seek to impart knowledge in an effective way so that the audience maximizes its learning. Trainers need to maintain audience attention for long periods of time. Having the appropriate repertoire of skills can mean the difference between a mediocre trainer and a great trainer.

This course will teach the techniques needed for an excellent presentation and high impact training. You will have the opportunity to practice these techniques through exercises NLP Training Australia.


  • Sales people
  • Trainers
  • Consultants presenting to clients
  • Public Speakers
  • Negotiators
  • Company representatives
  • Organizational spokespeople
  • Conference speakers


  • Psychologist with a MA
  • 30 years involvement with corporate consulting and training
  • Worked with the founders of powerful communications model of NLP for 10 years.
  • 30 + years teaching NLP based courses
  • Extensive experience in conducting courses in SE Asia and the Middle East
  • Author of “The Wild Days” About the History of NLP
  • Author of “Happy Parents Happy Kids” About Parenting
  • Author of forthcoming book “Advanced Negotiating Strategies and Skills”
  • Creator of Software model of identifying excellent business practices
  • Member Australian Psychological Society
  • Member and Master Trainer of The International Association of NLP

Terry McClendon

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