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Trainer: Layla Ibrahim, Managing Director, nlpaustralia – Advanced Negotiation Skills & Strategies


Negotiation is a crucial business activity. Successful negotiation deals make a difference to an organization’s ongoing performance level. Much business success is the result of a successfully negotiated decision. Negotiations are involved in activities as diverse as securing a multi-million dollar international deal, determining next year’s business plan, ensuring a high level of company productivity or, more personally, requesting a pay increase.

appropriate adjustments to their approach to ensure ongoing discussion and an optimum outcome.


Utilizing an effective Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) model, this program is designed for executives who are looking to develop advanced negotiation skills and the strategies to deal with the most complex and challenging aspects of the negotiation process. It is a practical, highly interactive 2-day course which will provide quality tools to maximize your opportunity of successfully negotiating.

You will gain confidence in negotiating by having the right set of tools and skills and knowing when and how to apply these skills to optimize the outcome.

Utilizing an effective Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) model, this program is designed for executives who are looking to develop advanced negotiation skills and the strategies to deal with the most complex and challenging aspects of the negotiation process.

The program content will cover:

  • The meaning of gestures, voice tone and language in negotiating and influencing
  • The use of sub-modalities to influence. The critical component of how the brain makes positive sense of information.
  • Critical language sequencing to unblock resistance
  • How to build trust with your negotiating partner
  • Ways to refine your image to achieve maximum results
  • Skills to bypass resistance and overcome objections
  • Influencing language and the use of motivating styles
  • Meta Programs: the use of values to influence outcomes
  • Sequencing Meta Programs for a positive influence and easy understanding of information
  • How to predict and use others’ motivational and decision strategies
  • Strategies for negotiating for yourself/others
  • Negotiating with teams
  • Strategies to influence negotiations on the unconscious level
  • Congruent and ethical issues in negotiating


People can learn to be better negotiators. This course will teach you how.

Good negotiation skills are critical to successful win-win outcomes in one-on-one interactions. Internal company based situations such as resolving conflict, motivating others or agreeing work conditions require superior negotiation skills for satisfactory outcomes.

Negotiations with other organisations require the negotiator to recognise and respond to different styles, cultures, contexts and motivations. In this complex environment, it is vital to have the right set of tools to adapt, influence and then to succeed.

This course will teach the techniques needed to become a successful negotiator. The techniques will be demonstrated using examples from real situations You will practice each skill and technique taught


  • This course will provide you with quality tools to equip you to negotiate Win-Win contracts.
  • In this comprehensive 2 day training program you will learn to:
  • Identity what you want out of a contract
  • Understand what you can reasonably expect to get
  • Determine what you are willing to give up
  • Understand the pitfalls of failing to recognize the other party’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Have sufficient skill to overcome objections
  • Be able to learn as much as you can about the other party
  • Know how to close the deal.

This training course will be very interactive and practical. Participants will practice negotiating contracts in small groups throughout the 2 days. As you develop the content of the contracts you will be taught practical interpersonal communication skills to use at each stage of the contract negotiation. Additionally, each participant will go through the process of developing and negotiating his own contract around a subject of his/her choice.

Example negotiating scenarios will also be created within the training group.

You will also learn:

  • THE MEANING of gestures, voice tone and language in negotiating
  • HOW to BUILD rapport and trust with your negotiating partner
  • SKILLS to bypass resistance
  • INFLUENCING language
  • STRATEGIES to influence negotiations on the unconscious
  • CONGRUENT and ethical issues in negotiating contracts
  • TO ACHIEVE mutually beneficial results
  • TO DEVELOP skills to determine alternative negotiating strategies
  • TO IDENTIFY and use your own strong points
  • WHY the other party needs you


This course is designed for experienced negotiators who are looking to improve their negotiating skills in the more challenging aspects of the negotiating process.

People who will benefit from this course include:

  • Sales people
  • Counselors
  • Team Managers / Supervisors
  • Suppliers
  • Company Representatives
  • Consultants
  • Conflict Resolution Managers
  • Industry representatives
  • Procurement and purchasing personnel
  • Contract Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Business development managers


  • Psychologist with a MA
  • 30 years involvement with corporate consulting and training of Advanced Negotiation Skills & Strategies
  • Worked with the founders of powerful communications model of NLP for 10 years.
  • 30 + years teaching NLP based courses
  • Extensive experience in conducting courses in SE Asia and the Middle East
  • Author of “The Wild Days” About the History of NLP
  • Author of “Happy Parents Happy Kids” About Parenting
  • Author of forthcoming book “Advanced Negotiating Strategies and Skills”
  • Creator of Software model of identifying excellent business practices
  • Member Australian Psychological Society
  • Member and Master Trainer of The International Association of NLP

Terry McClendon

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