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Business Diploma in NLP


NLP Australia

A comprehensive practical 7-day program with NLP Australia what will provide quality tools to maximise your impact with Interpersonal Communications, Negotiating, Selling, Presenting and Innovation. You will acquire techniques to communicate with increased confidence and create a powerful impression.

This NLP Australia course provides many opportunities to practice the techniques learnt, so that on completion of the course you will feel fully equipped to immediately, and confidently, apply the skills.

Negotiation and selling are crucial parts of business and successfully executed negotiations make a difference to an organisation’s ongoing performance success.

This program will cover:

  • Setting and maintaining goals
  • Rapport skills for the workplace
  • Learning styles and how people process information
  • Achieving and maintaining your motivation
  • The impact of your voice and gestures in conveying your message
  • How to overcome objections and maintain the flow of the communication
  • The meaning of gestures, voice tone, and language
  • How to build trust with your negotiating partner
  • Ways to refine your image to achieve maximum results
  • Influencing language and the use of motivating styles
  • Adding sparkle to your presentations. Present to small or large groups with confidence
  • Learning rapport skills for selling and elegant closing techniques
  • Learning the dynamics of creativity and innovation

Make a difference in your organisation

    • Communication is a high-impact opportunity to display an organisation’s strengths and services. An organisation’s image is impacted by the quality of the employees who are representing it. Excellent communication makes a difference in securing a sale, getting repeat business, maximizing promotional opportunities and establishing credibility both among employees and in the external community.
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  • People want to impart information in an effective way so that the listener can maximise his/her learning from the discussion. That requires gaining and maintaining the attention of the listener for a period of time. Using the appropriate repertoire of skills can make a difference between a mediocre communication and a great communication.
  • Negotiation and selling are crucial parts of business and successfully executed negotiations make a difference to an organisation’s ongoing performance success. Getting the best possible outcome is not just a mater of luck. A successful communicator can recognise changes in the state of the other party and make appropriate adjustments to their approach to ensure continued fruitful discussions and an optimal outcome.
  • Good communication skills are also critical to successful win-win outcomes in one-on-one interactions. Finalising a business deal on behalf of the company, requesting a pay increase, resolving conflict and motivating others are some of the many situations where excellent communication skills can actively contribute to a desirable outcome.

Learn why:

  • Some people can communicate more easily than others
  • The art of good communication is more than just an exchange of words

Learn how to:

  • ‘read’ the meaning of body gestures and eye movements when conversing
  • Establish and maintain rapport
  • Overcome objections and bypass resistance
  • Ensure that you get all the information you need
  • Recognize the thinking style of your partner and match your information delivery
  • Maintain peak performance
  • Understand what motivates your negotiating partner
  • Utilize your best props – voice tone and tempo, gestures and language – to maximise comprehension when speaking to others
  • Refine your image to achieve maximum results
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