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A comprehensive and practical 12-day course that will provide you with a set of skills and techniques that you can use in a variety of situations. completing the course will equip you to use hypnosis in both your personal and professional life. This course teaches the techniques developed by Dr Milton Erickson. Dr Erickson a psychiatrist, observed the behaviours and motivations of his patients over time. He then analyzed these observations identified patterns of positive achievements and subsequently developed his suite of successful hypnosis techniques.

Why you should do this course with nlpaustralia:

  • Layla studied with Terrence McClendon who was trained directly with Dr Milton Erickson in the 1970’s. Layla’s skills and knowledge have not been diluted by interpretation through others.
  • Layla is a member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association AHA #no( PM2021869)
  • To benefit from the extensive experience of Layla (MBA health), an NLP Trainer who respects the power of hypnosis and creates a safe teaching environment
  • To gain powerful communication tools to use in everyday life
  • To experience a creative learning environment designed to maximise your enjoyment and the acquisition of new skills and techniques
  • This course is a journey of personal discovery where the wealth of your personal unconscious resources are accessed to assist you in learning
  • nlpaustralia course is very practical with many opportunities to practice all the techniques taught

Dates: Adelaide July 11 th 2024 or contact trainer for this Training Course.

Melbourne TBA or contact trainer for this Training Course.

Cost: AU $3797 as a “stand alone”.

10% discount If taken with Module 1 Master Practitioner.


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In this course you will learn:

  • How to communicate on the unconscious level: You will learn a variety of language patterns to effectively induce hypnosis
  • Counselling tools: Training in applying hypnosis to make generative and remedial changes
  • Inductions: Training in accessing the unconscious mind by using up to 9 different induction techniques.
  • Unconscious mind phenomena: Training in accessing and using phenomena such as positive and negative hallucination, time distortion, age regression and amnesia
  • Metaphor: Design and used metaphors to facilitate communication at the unconscious level.


Use your new skills in business, counselling, teaching, personal goal achievement, personal relationships to :

  • Impact the quality of negotiations, selling, teaching, counselling and communications by employing successful language patterns
  • Make positive generative and remedial changes to assist your clients in counselling and teaching and improve their success strategies.
  • Bypass resistance from clients, negotiating partners and in personal interactions
  • Be creative and resourceful through the use of your personal history to achieve goals
  • Accelerate student learning by communicating at the unconscious level
  • Tap your hidden resources and model excellence at the unconscious level


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