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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is nlp.australia’s training conducted?

A: Our training includes lectures, demonstrations, small and large group exercises, games for
skill development, supervision, private assignment work and feedback. We include
accelerated learning principles for your enjoyment and promise a challenging and
stimulating learning experience.

Q: Who are my trainers?

A: Our Director of Training, Layla Ibrahim MBA (Health)s, is one of few trainers in the world who
has combined degree in Health and Business. She has been trained extensively with the Founder
of NLP in Australia, Terrence McClendon. She has experience in training and developing NLP
applications for Heath care Professional. both in Australia and overseas.
nlp.australia also utilizes the expertise of other qualified NLP trainers for some specialist
applications such as sports . All of these trainers have worked with Terrence for a number of

Q: Does nlp.australia offer an accredited nlp certificate?

A: Your NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certificate will be awarded to you by
nlp.australia. nlp.australia’s training is internationally recognized by the NLP community
and the International Association of NLP (IANLP)-the premier International NLP
Membership body. An IANLP certificate seal can be included on your certificate after the
successful completion of additional course work. nlp.australia courses have also been
approved by Australian Psychological Society (Ericksonian Hyopnosis), the Australian
College of Applied Psychology and The University of New England School of Health.

Q: Does nlp.australia offer an Advanced Graduate Certificate in NLP?

A: Yes we do. This training is recognized by the IANLP and satisfies their course curriculum
requirements in relation to skills, techniques and course duration.

Q: Can I get personal indemnity insurance after completing nlp.australia’s training?

A: Some insurance companies offer personal indemnity insurance. Students who have
completed our training programs and gone on to set up in business have received insurance
cover from these companies. The decision to provide insurance cover is up to the insurance
company who provides it.

Q: Has the government regulated the counseling industry?

A: No. The government recently commissioned a 3 years study conducted by Monash
University and categorically recommended not to regulate the counseling industry.

Q: What is nlp.australia’s accreditation process?

A: Our evaluation consists of written and practical assessments during and at the conclusion of
our training. Should you not meet the criteria at the time of training, future opportunities will
be available at no additional cost.
At the conclusion of this course, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate
from nlpaustralia as an NLP Practitioner. This training course is also endorsed by The
International Association of NLP (IANLP). To receive an IANLP certificate seal 18 days of
course work is required.. You may receive your seal at an advertised 18 day training or
complete additional course work consisting of 4 days external studies in a 14 day training.
There is also an additional training fee of $400 for the 4 day external studies that is
associated with the 14 day training.