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OUR CLIENTS AND COURSE PARTICIPANTS: We attract people from a wide range of industries and professions, including travel, oil, telecommunications, finance, HR, personal development and the government sector.
Recent trainings have included courses for International Companies in Turkey, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Some Endorsements

“I was a student of yours in ’92 for NLP Practitioner’ in Sydney and ’93 for Master Practitioner – Advanced Skills in Brisbane. In that time I have advanced my career immeasurably using NLP skills daily. I do appreciate the learning I did back then and the tough regime that you had installed that truly ensured the skills were integrated. ”
~ Stephen Haller, Commercial Director – Australia & New Zealand. Prysmian Group – Linking the Future

Terry has admirably captured the spirit of this singular adventure that NLP offers people.
~ Dr Richard Bandler, Co founder of Neuro linguistic Programming


I have found that the new tools give me more options in designing the presentation style appropriate to each moment and allow me to ‘think on my feet’ to accommodate changes in audience reaction or attention. I am much more comfortable and confident”.
~ Gregg Goriss, Manager Consultant, Teleco

Terry McClendon’s expertise in course design and skill in making our consultants top presenters has greatly contributed to the success of our Value Added Management Workshops for the manufacturing industry”
~ John McInnis, State Manager, Technology Transfer Council, Australia

Terrence’s facilitation skills were excellent. He walked his talk and kept me attentive for the four days. You challenged me and stretched me with the exercises but I now see the benefits of practicing in a friendly environment. You have given me an even more positive attitude towards myself and my role as a communicator.
Thank you.
~ David Ohlmus, Consultant, Department of Industry, Science and Technology, Australia

After the end of the [other] course, I started to see how much difference is between you and other trainers; your way of giving lectures is more professional and easy to understand.”
~ Al Khalifa, Security Services, Dubai UAE

I thought I knew this stuff until I started training with Terry”
~ Neil Thorogood

because it is the training and experiences I learnt from you that set me on my way. I have much to learn from you Terry, but I feel lucky I learnt what I did from you”
~ Johnny Kennet, physiotherapist, United Kingdom