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The Team

Layla Ibrahim
MBA(Health), Grad Cert Health Informatics, B Nursing, NLP Trainer
Layla has worked in both the private and public healthcare sectors in major organisations internationally. Along the way, she has achieved proficiency in three languages – English, Arabic and French.

Experience living and working overseas, has allowed for wider exposure enriched by experience and understanding of diversity and cultural differences. As a result, this has prompted her to want to influence other individuals to successfully form teams that are able to align their visions toward a common goal and create strategies for effective communication and perception expansion.

Currently, Layla runs private and public workshops that aim to shed light on the benefits of NLP across Australia with the long-term incentive of fully integrating NLP into the Australian healthcare system and internationally.

The purpose of implementing a structured NLP model into the healthcare system is to provide key personnel who have leadership positions with the tools and techniques that will enable them to set goals and to identify and overcome all challenges by helping them build their emotional Intelligence, as well as enhancing their interpersonal and external communication skills.

Thus, allowing all to reach their highest potential and reduce their anxiety which will translate into effective business operation management and to enhance the quality of the work environment which ultimately improves the quality and continuity of care.

Layla’s work and life experiences coupled with higher education in business and health has put her in a unique position to share with you the skills and capabilities that she has learnt – to take initiative, make sound decisions and implement a working strategy under pressure. All skills that she has gained through her firsthand experience managing hospital wards that at the time were under siege and with limited resources – she was able to maintain the provision of quality of care.

From a personal perspective Layla is a parent who loves nature and hiking with her children and embodying an all-round healthy lifestyle.

Layla strongly believe in the benefits of lifelong learning and sharing all that she has learnt with her friends and community members. For instance, she provides recipes and Reiki sessions to support them in their healing journey and to help them reach emotional and life balance.


Terry-bio1Terrence McClendon MA
NLP Master Trainer

Terry one of the pioneers of NLP, Terry has lived and breathed NLP for over thirty years, since its inception in the early seventies. Terry introduced NLP to Australia in 1979 and is the only Australian-based NLP trainer to study with co-developers Richard Bandler and John Grinder for over a decade along with Milton H. Erickson and Virginia Satir; placing him in a uniquely qualified position.

Terry is mentioned in the book “NLP Volume 1” as a recognised contributor in some of the clinical exercises and techniques in the book.

He has also contributed along with other significant core members of the development of NLP to the recent book “The origins of NLP’ .

Terry has trained thousands of individuals throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the UK. He is author of the first history of NLP, “The Wild Days: NLP from 1972 to 1981” and “Happy Parents, Happy Kids”. Feature author in “The Origins of NLP” and designer of advanced NLP software.

He has a masters degree in psychology, is a member of the Australian Psychological Society, fellow with the International Association of NLP (IANLP), a master trainer and founder of the Australian Institute of NLP.