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Our chief Trainer Terrence McClendon has been teaching NLP since the early 1970’s. He participated in and contributed to the development of the NLP model mentored by Richard Bandler and John Grinder for over a decade. Terrence is one of the authors and member of a core group of NLPer’s in the book “The Origins of NLP”. He is noted in “NLP Volume 1” as being one of the contributers of the book. Terrence has taught private and public training workshops and consulted for companies teaching and applying NLP in countries of the regions of South East Asia, The Middle East, Europe and North America.

Terence has applied NLP in just about every business industry. He has used NLP working with kids in Early Child Hood Education, he has been a Licensed Marriage Family and Child Counselor, he is a registered psychologist and developed a very successful NLP personality software called LifeSet. This software program determines the basis of personality and can be used in recruitment, behavior modeling, education and counseling.

Terrence has written 2 books on NLP:

• The first history of NLP, “The Wild Days: NLP from 1972 to 1981”

• “Happy Parents, Happy Kids” Words and actions for parents and kids

Terrence is featured along with other key contributors’ to the NLP model in the book “The Origins of NLP” on the book shelves now. He is listed in globalgurus top 30 NLP Gurus 2015.Global Gurus.

This makes nlpaustralia The Highest Quality NLP Training Company in Australia!